Film in all its possible forms becomes an increasingly important element on any communication platform.  At ROEM [room] we write and direct films for any screen or application. We are all about creating a network of the most talented people in function of your specific needs. Let us help you rocket your brand to eternal fame.



These difficult times have shown that reaching your customers can be challenging.  If you can not meet them in person at an event, then a webcast is the perfect solution.  Chances are that you will even multiply your audience.  We would rather not use the term webinar but prefer to call it a webcast. The way we approach it, is more like the broadcasting of a television program, only then streamed through ZOOM.  No more accidentally muted speakers, glitches or failing connections.  We not only provide the best technical solutions for your webcast but also support the editorial and aesthetic aspect.  Contact us for a webcast catered to your needs.​



Besides film we are able to help you with many other things.  From photoshoots over podcasts to radiocommercials, we know people who know people.  We'll probably have the right solution for you.  Just ask us.  



It's in our DNA to put creativity first. That is why we want to trigger people’s intrest through storytelling and appealing creative content. We want to bring your company's story in the most original and creative way possible.  We also strive to help your brand by working on a creative strategy because a film is only valuable if it reaches its desired audience.  Our work is there to ad value to your brand and your customer.


"We live in a time of rapid changing media and technology. The aim is to stay one step ahead."

Ralf Demesmaeker - Founder



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